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Conduit rods Mini-Snake

  • Conduit rod made of glass fibre
  • Cable pulling device

Product description

Mini-Snake conduit rods are high quality rods suitable for inhouse cable installations. Made of stiff fibreglass core covered  with protective polypropylene jacket. Vetter conduit rods provide long service life along with extremely high directional stability - these products offer the best quality on the market for reasonable prices.


Red Mini-Snake conduit rod with copper conductors for detection.



Yellow Mini-Snake conduit rod.


Scope of delivery


Conduit rod package includes:

- Reinforced fibre rod

- 2 spring guided tips D7 and D10
- 1 pce pulling rubber disc
- 1 cable grip with brass eye
- 2-component glue
- User instructions

Ask for additional equipment for cable laying!



Articles Dimensions Length Weight
320x255x70 mm 20 m 1 kg
320x255x70 mm 30 m 1,1 kg
320x255x70 mm 50 m 1,3 kg
320x255x70 20 m 1 kg
320x255x70 30 m 1,1 kg
320x255x70 50 m 1,3 kg



Mini-Snake conduit rod, with copper conductor

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Diameter 3 mm
Dimensions 320x255x70 mm
Length 20 m
Weight 1 kg
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