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Combined membrane-silicone keyboards

  • Flexible layout design
  • Coating options include matte, glossy, epoxy and metal
  • Screen printed or laser-etched symbols
  • Optional backlighting




Silicone membrane keypads provides the best sides of both keypad types. It features 3D keys combined with a membrane pad which allows better usability and improved key texture. Adhesive backing ensures easy mounting on a panel or enclosure.




  • Pad layout can be freely designed
  • Key actuation position and effect can be tailored
  • Optional backlighting
  • Metal contact under the silicone membrane
  • Embedded EMI-protection
  • PET, FPC or PCB cicuit board
  • Screen printed or laser-etched symbols and markings




  • Control devices
  • Measuring devices
  • Hand-held controllers
  • Industrial machinery and vehicle control systems






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