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Mobitec TFT internal sign

  • Fully flexible modular system
  • Can display different kinds of information: next stop, detailed route information, adverts etc.
  • Several display sizes for different space requirements
  • Easy mounting and installation
  • Green information system with low weight and low maintenance

Product description

The new MobiSCREEN TFT, Mobitec’s infotainment solution, is now available in several display sizes and product lines. It is a fully flexible modular system with solutions for different system environments and space



Available display sizes include 18.5” and 21.5”, but also 2x18.5” (side by side displays in one frame) and a 29” stretch monitor, on which route information and advertisements can be displayed simultaneously.

MobiSCREEN can be controlled by an on-board control unit, e.g. MobiMASTER ICU 602, or be designed as a standalone unit with control over IP/Ethernet or IBIS – you choose your product line depending on your existing system environment.


All variations use the same elegant aluminium housing, so mounting and installation are particularly easy. The low weight and low maintenance approach make sure environmental impact and operating costs are kept to a minimum.


MobiSCREEN can display any kind of information that is necessary to ensure passengers have a safe and smooth journey. This includes next stop information, detailed route information, a network map as well as operator information such as service interruptions. In addition, general news can be shown on the newsticker function. Last but not least, this infotainment can actually be used to make money! MobiSCREEN can display all kinds of advertisements and can therefore be integrated into a business plan as an additional source of income.




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Operating voltage 24 VDC
Temperature range from 0 °C
Temperature range to 50 °C
Viewing Angle 178 °
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