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Mobitec Access Web (MAW)

Modular content management system

  • Innovative content management system
  • The system facilitates online communication between vehicles and the support service
  • Updates content automatically - videos, playlists, route info etc.
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Product description

The Mobitec Access System is an innovative modular system package that facilitates online-based communication between vehicles and the back office.


At the heart of it is a web-based multi-client Content Management System, Mobitec Access Web, which enables automatic updates of content such as videos, layouts, playlists, route information, destination texts and voice announcements. These updates can be done at once for all Mobitec products which are part of the Access System. Mobitec Access thus turns updating content into a pleasure – a quick and easy task instead of a time-consuming burden. Firmware updates are handled the same way. In addition, instant messaging for a newsticker or for important information from the transport operator is possible on all connected products. Passengers are kept up-to-date with any events that might affect their journey, which ensures they get the best travel experience on public transport.


Statistics and diagnostic feedback from all devices such as trouble codes, system status, and installed hardware and software versions are reported back into the office through Mobitec Access Web. This helps transport operators to recognize possible problems early on and to ensure that their services are always running smoothly – a real economic benefit at times when service availability and punctuality count more than ever.


The Mobitec Access System can easily be expanded by adding new devices and features, e.g. passenger counting. Feedback from these devices is then also provided by Mobitec Access Web. If the service you offer grows, Mobitec Access will grow with it. No matter what challenges lie ahead, we will master them together. With Mobitec Access, your fleet is ready for the future.




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