Our logistics center is located in Turku, Finland and serves as the delivery hub for all orders destined for Finland and the Baltic countries. All in-stock product orders that are placed before 3 p.m. are sent out on the same day.

Our logistics center contains roughly 25,000 stocked product items, and some 160,000 delivery lines leave the center every year.

By storing all our products under one roof, we ensure the availability of a large volume of products. Above all, we help our customers boost their procurement processes by delivering the products of several manufacturers in a single delivery.

Logistics center


Thanks to our ambitious targets, we have reached a level of efficiency that allows us to promise you the right goods at the right time and by your preferred delivery method.

We aim to maintain a delivery reliability of 97%. We continuously work with our suppliers in order to further improve our efficiency and the level of our service.


A company’s overall image is the sum of smaller details. Our goal is to develop our customer service, boost our logistics operations and improve our work environment. When small steps forward are taken in various areas, the big picture develops in leaps and bounds.


When large volumes of goods are sold and delivered, customer complaints are an inevitable part of the business. A properly handled customer complaint can be the key to developing our operating methods and improving our processes. At its best, a well-handled complaint reinforces our relationship with the customer.

When we receive a complaint, our aim is to respond without delay to ensure that the problem is quickly rectified for the customer. We will go over the incident that caused the problem in order to avoid similar problems in the future.

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