Panel components

The Panel team provides you with a wide variety of electrical and automation components for control panels in various industries and countless applications throughout the whole production chain.


Our Battery team provides you with batteries of all kinds for industrial purposes, for example standby and cyclic operation batteries and reserve power batteries. In addition, we offer various accessories such as battery chargers.

Cabinet heaters

Our Cabinet heater selection includes heating elements and fan heaters which typically utilize a PTC-element as a heat source. PTC-elements are characterized by high starting current which makes them operate in full power almost instantaneously. After turning on the power the operating current quickly decreases, after which the element is self-adjusting. Heating elements offer an effective way to prevent formation of condensation and to avoid temperature drops inside the cabinet or enclosure.

Cable glands

We offer various cable entry solutions for industrial applications: our product range covers products from standard cable glands to IP66 rated cable entry systems. Jacob cable glands featured in our repertory are made from either plastic or metal. Cable glands are available with PG or metric thread as well as equipped with different seals to suit different applications. EX-class glands also available.

Cable trunkings

Canalplast is an Italian manufacturer specialized in cable trunking solutions. Their product range covers all trunking sizes, materials and designs typically needed in industrial applications. You will find products with distinctive features suitable for different environments.


EMC filters

Our supplier Schaffner delivers world-class 1- and 3-phase EMC filters. 1-phase filter range includes IEC inlet filters and many more, 3-phase filter range contains models suitable for use with frequency transducers and filters specifically made for machine installations.

Enclosure lighting

Stego offers a range of versatile LED lights for various enclosure applications. Modern LED technology enables compact design and long service life along with superior performance compared to traditional incandescent lamps. Magnetic and screw mounts available. Our selection also includes DIN-rail mounted power sockets compatible with standards in different countries.

Filter fans

Filter fans ensure good ventilation and cooling, and prevent water or dust from building up inside enclosures and switch cabinets. Stego fans feature quiet operation and high airflow. Our selection contains 4 distinctive series: FF, FPI, FPO and RFP. FF and FPI series create an overpressure inside the cabinet which effectively prevents dust, dirt and other impurities from building up inside the object.

Fuses, fusegear and fuse systems

Our fuse selection consists of IEC and UL tube fuses, fuse-links, bottle fuses and high speed fuses. Additionally, we offer fuse holders and bases along with fuse switch disconnectors. We also provide you with surge protection components of type 1, 1+2, 2 and 2+3, as well as protection components suitable for solar panels and LED lights.


Crouzet PLCs and controllers streamline your automation processes by replacing multitude of separate components, such as timer relays, counters, thermostats and many more. This will directly result in fewer number of components and reduced maintenance costs. Crouzet PLCs offer unmatched versatility, reliability and usability all packed in compact size. Our selection consists of three distinctive series: Millenium 3, Millenium EVO ja em4.

Mounting rails

DIN-rails are either zinc-coated or galvanized. Our selection contains TS35 rails in two heights: 7,5 and 15 millimeters. All rails are available with or without mouting slots. Additionally, we offer TS15, TS32 and C-rails according to your needs. All rails are in accordance with RoHS directive. Rails can be cut to specific length at our Added Value Department: this will allow you to focus on your core competence and ensure the optimal use of production resources!
Overwiew regulators and instrument, 9500P Digital programregulator

PID controllers

We offer PID controllers by West Control Solutions for accurate temperature control. These controllers are designed for industrial use and they provide unmatched performance and usability. The operation is self-adjusting (Autotune) which enables greater precision compared to traditional thermostats.

Power Quality products

Power supplies

Puls is a market-leading power supply manufacturer known for their unparalleled products. Extremely compact design, high quality, low power losses and excellent efficiency are only few advantages to mention. We are proud to offer a comprehensive range of Puls power supplies: 1- and 3-phase supplies, DC-UPS, DC/DC converters, redundancy modules and accessories are included in our selection. Output voltages vary between 5-72V DC and power output between 15-960W. All Puls power supplies are compatible with multitude of standards which allows them to be used in many different applications.

Pushbuttons and Pilot lights

We offer a comprehensive selection of push buttons, selectors, emergency buttons, signal lights, cam switches and switch disconnectors. Baco 22mm pushbuttons are IP66/IP69K rated and their shock resistance is in accordance with IK05. Baco products are tested and proved reliable in harsh conditions and they have 10 year factory warranty. Our team will assist you in finding the right components for your application!


We offer an unmatched selection of relays for all industrial applications. Our suppliers include Crouzet, Lütze, Releco and Sensata Crydom. We work closely together with our suppliers to bring you the latest products and the best solutions.

Remote Management

Signal converters

Signal converters are used to amplify, isolate and convert signals without altering or weakening the input signal. We offer high quality signal converters from Lütze and Comadan: their products hold up to rigorous modern standards regarding accuracy, isolation capabilities, dimensions and mounting. Lütze LCIS -series signal converters have very low heat dissipation and power loss. 6,2mm wide converters have 2500V galvanic isolation and broad temperature range of -40…+75°C. Their small physical size allows easy installation even in confined spaces. Each converter can be marked in multiple different ways to ensure hassle-free installation and minimize the likelyhood of an error.

Signaling equipment

Auer Signal delivers a very comprehensive selection of signaling equipment for industrial purposes. Their portfolio contains signal lights, sirens, horns, tower lights and various accessories. For over decades, Auer products have been widely known for their superior reliability, durability and modularity. All their products are easy to assemble, install and maintain. Contact our sales team for additional info!

Temperature controllers

Our temperature controller selection includes Pt100 sensors, J and K type thermocouples and NTC/PTC thermistors. For more accurate control we recommend using PID controllers.


Conta-Clip offers a diverse range of connection systems for panel assemblies and equipment manufacturing. The selection includes various terminal designs for virtually every application: you will find terminals with screw connection, tension-spring or pressure-spring technology. Wire cross-section up to 300mm² depending on the product line. Conta-Clip terminals are designed for rigorous industrial environments and they have rightfully earned their reputation among the users. The combination of usability, robustness and reliability is beyond comparison. Ask for additional info from our Panel team, we will help you find the right terminal for your application!

Weekly time swithes

We offer high quality weekly time switches by German manufacturer Hugo Müller. Their product range offers switches for various applications to control recurring tasks in order to avoid unnecessary consumption or use of certain equipment, lighting and so on. You will find suitable products for all your needs: for example the Astro-function allows on-off operation based on sun position. Switches are either DIN-rail or panel mounted.


Product news

Push-In sockets that save both time and space

ComatReleco has launched a new series of push-in sockets specifically designed for time and space savings.

Product news

Fiepos — The power supply of the future

The need for flexible, modular systems shapes machine and system engineering. Decentralization of the system components has proven to be an important factor for success.

Syr-Line time relays
Product news

New “all-round” Syr-Line time relays by Crouzet

Crouzet has honoured the strong Syrelec time relay traditions established in the 1980s, first by Cronos and Cronos 2 series. Now, Crouzet presents the compact and extremely versatile Syr-Line series.

Product news

The recognized Puls quality for an attractive price

The PIANO PIC series is designed for applications that require reliable DIN rail power supplies, which are focused to deliver the most widely required customer functionalities. Our PIC units offer this simplicity without making compromises on PULS’ renowned qualities; efficiency, service lifetime, reliability and size.

WADI cable gland serie
Product news

New WADI cable gland series from Jacob

The new WADI product family by Jacob features a completely redesigned gland rubber, which allows extensive sealing and tightening area.

PULS redundant
Product news

Redundant systems without redundancy modules

With the CP series, PULS offers a unique feature: Power supplies with an integrated decoupling function based on efficient MOSFET technology. This means there is no need for additional redundancy modules in 1+1 and n+1 redundant systems.

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