Our selection includes both standard stock items as well as customer-specific cables to support all your operations. Examples include PVC, PUR, rubber, halogen-free, silicone, PTFE and maritime cables.

Automotive cables

Wide selection of automotive cables for in-vehicle use. RKKIB-automotive cable is ADR-approved. Various cross sections, sheath and wire colors available. Ask for more!

Electronic cables

Our PVC cable selection contains shielded and un-shielded colorcoded electronic cables.
Control cable without halogen SABIX D 305 FRNC

Halogen-free cables

We offer flexible halogen-free control cables. Suitable for environments where fire gases must not contain halogen.

BUS cables

Profibus, ProfiNET, Ethernet and CAN bus cables from SAB and Flamar.
Highly flexible cable TPE/PUR S 200

Cable chain and servo cables

Highly flexible energy chain cables for industrial applications, such as robots, power feeders, wood processing and packaging machines and forest machinery.

Rubber cables

Rubber cables for both movable applications and for fixed installations in- and outdoors. Rubber cables are suitable for demanding environmental conditions.

Flat and Lift cables

Flat and lift cables for applications where small bend radius is required or the cable has to hang freely.

Heat resistant cables

Our selection includes heat resistant cables suitable for use in metal industry, foundries and hot rolling mills as control, measuring and connection cables. Also applicable in cement, glass and ceramics industries as well as refrigeration, heating and air-conditioning technologies.

Control Cables

Our control cable selection includes products suitable for various moving applications in automotive, pressing, machining, textile, printing and paper industry. Control cables withstand vibration and continuous movement excellently.

UL-approved cables

UL and CSA approved cables are suitable for export goods designated for markets in US and Canada.
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