Flexa food
Published: 2019-04-12

New cabling solutions for food and beverage industry applications

The food and beverage industries have placed high expectations on products and packages. OEM Automatic meets these expectations by expanding the range of its cable & connection technology product area with products developed especially for the needs of the food and beverage industry. These include the new protection hose series FLEXA-FOOD and the new ECOLAB WSOR cables.

These upgrades to our product line allows us to offer two different protection hose options with connectors, as well as a complete cable series designed for food and beverage industry requirements. The products of the new FLEXA-FOOD series comply with FDA standards; they are flexible, antimicrobial, airtight, water-resistant, and resistant to detergents and other cleaning processes commonly utilised in the food industry. The Flamar WSOR cables are Ecolab-approved; the cables included in the series with stand water jet up to 25 bars at 45°C temperature.

Product news
Flexa food

Protection hose made of PVC material.Smooth inner and outer surface.
Protection class IP68
Temperature range -25°C...+50°C ^ +70°C
• Airtight and water-resistant
• Oil-resistant
• Silicone and cadmium free

Flexa food

Protection hose made of galvanized steel with PU jacket. Smooth surface.
Protection class IP68
Temperature range -40°C...+80°C ^ +110°C
• Excellently fluid-tight
• Acid and kerosene-resistant
• Halogen-free

Flexa food

Metal connector for protection hoses. Stainless steel. Male thread.
Protection class IP68/IP69
Temperature range -40 °C...+125 °C
• Water and dust-resistant
• Vibration and stress-resistant
• IP69 up to 40 bar

Flexa food

The company FLAMAR owned by Molex has introduced a new cable type for food and beverage industry needs.
The WSOR cables by FLAMAR are Ecolab-approved.
The cables withstand water jet up to 25 bar at +45°C.
• Signal cables (155220)
• Control cables (155221)
• Servo cables (155321)
• Bus cables (155421)

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