Safety team provides you with individual safety components or holistic solutions to enhance the user safety in any production environment. We are working closely with our partners in order to improve our selection with the latest products.

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Emergency snap, revolving

Emergency stop buttons

With BACO’s emergency stops, all types of control station applications can be achieved. They are quality-controlled and conform to international standards such as IEC, UL and EN. Customizable and pertinent when it comes to preventing injury to personnel and material loss.

Interlock systems

Castell specializes in safety industry and they have long-standing experience in locking systems. Their trapped key interlock solutions are unrivalled in the market and provide you with best quality, reliability and safety possible. Castells products are widely known for their superior features and flexibility to meet the requirements in various industries. Castell also delivers lockout-tagout systems, ask for more from our sales team!

Optical safety

Datalogic offers a complete line of type 2 and type 4 safety light curtains for machine safeguarding and access control in dangerous areas, with basic and advanced functions, such as integrated muting, override, blanking, cascadable, configurable models. The selection also includes various mounting and protection accessories.

Rope pull switches

Whether on the production line or at the machine – when maximum safety in a company’s production area is concerned, rope pull safety switches provide a proven and reliable technical solution. Rope pull switches are typically utilized next to conveyor belt systems: by pulling the rope at any point of the system the switch executes a switching function and the operation will stop immediately. The rope is set under pretension so that switching will take place also in the case of cable breakage.

Safety controllers

Safety edges

The right solution for each and every sector, whether it’s gate systems, passenger doors or work platforms. Wherever they’re used, the safety switching strips excel in terms of maximised availability, easy installation and dependability. Gelbau’s comprehensive range of products for switching strips and accessories, plus its extensive portfolio of switchgear, cover all of our customers’ safety requirements and guarantee maximum flexibility in designing safety-enhanced solutions.

Safety fences

Arion delivers modern safety fence solutions for industrial environments. High quality products are extremely versatile thanks to their modular design and high level of customizability. Different panel designs and heights as well as various accessories can be combined to achieve the optimal end result in terms of safety and affordability. Elaborate and robust design along with easy installation makes Arion stand out from its competitors: ask for more from our Safety team!

Safety laser scanners

Hokyuo is a Japanese scanner manufacturer known for their world-class scanning equipment. UAM-series safety laser scanners can be utilized in many different fields of industry to provide additional safety. Typical applications include collision prevention in AGVs, area protection and access detection. Hokyuo scanners provide excellent scanning properties combined with compact design.

Safety mats

Grein safety mats are used around or close to dangerous machinery to provide additional safety for the operator. When the operator steps on the mat, the system activates which will result in either complete stopping or decelaration of the machine. The system resets only after the operator exits the mat. The mats in combination with PS3 control module can reach the CAT 3 - PL “e” as indicated in the ISO 13849-1 standard.

Safety radar

Safety relays

Duelco has strong expertise in safety industry: their safety relays are fully compliant with international standards and regulations. Long service life and high uptime levels ensure that Duelco relays provide a cost-effective solution. The selection includes standard safety relays as well as special models designed for specific purposes, such as use in vehicles. Additionally, Duelco offers modern safety controllers capable of monitoring entire safety systems.

Safety switches

Bernstein product range offers high quality safety switches for a wide range of applications in many fields of industry. The selection includes products for door, hatch and cover monitoring.

SIL-approved rotary encoders

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