Electronics team provides you with electromechanical components for electronics and equipment manufacturers. We offer a comprehensive selection of standard stock items and additionally, our unique supplier network enables us to provide customized solutions for our customers.

We specialize in heat control components, such as heating elements, cooling elements, fans, thermostats, sensors and many more.

Fume Extraction

Our Fume Extraction product portfolio consists of Purex International’s wide range of high-quality fume extraction systems, and JBC’s soldering fume extractors for JBC soldering stations. Purex specializes in fume extractor systems which are designed to remove any harmful and toxic fumes from the air. These systems are typically utilized in electronics manufacturing, laser cutting, offset and digital printing as well as certain healthcare procedures. Purex offers an extensive product range from systems designed for an individual user to larger, more comprehensive solutions designated for example to production line fume extraction. Typical applications include PCB production environments. Numerous manufacturing processes in electronics industry generate harmful or even toxic fumes. In terms of risk management, it would be best to remove the source of the fumes completely, but this is rarely possible. Usually with a fume extraction system, the risk of exposure to these harmful or toxic fumes can be reduced so drastically that personal protective equipment becomes unnecessary. Personal protective equipment is always the last option when it comes to occupational health and safety. The more advanced Purex fume extraction systems are equipped with gas and particle sensors, so the fume extraction machine is able to warn the operators if harmful amounts of particles or gases is released back to the surrounding environment. This usually happens if the filters are installed incorrectly, or if the filters are in the end of their life cycle.

Electromechanical components

Enclosures, heating and ventilation

Monitors, displays and keyboards

Power supplies

Efore's highly reliable power supplies are backed by over 40 years of design and production experience, and include the well-known ROAL brand of Digital Power and Digital Light products. The company's extensive standard AC/DC product portfolio covers a wide power range from 6 watts to 1600 watts, and includes open-frame, enclosed and sealed package variations, highly configurable modular solutions, and rack-mount power supplies.

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