2D laser scanners
Published: 2019-04-30

2D laser scanners

The Hokuyo 2D laser scanners measure the distance between the scanner and the environment. The scanner can detect size, location and target movement direction based on target scanning data. The scanner is available in the identifying version with digital output and as a measuring scanner with raw data output. Laser scanners are suitable for applications where the robot’s surroundings are detected or obstacles identified in automated guided vehicle applications. Scanner detection distances range from 4 m all the way to 80 m.

Detecting scanners, UST and UXM series


Wide detection area and quick response time. UST series scanners are among the smallest and lightest in the industry.

  • Detection distances 5/10/20 m
  • 3 outputs for different areas
  • Scanning angle 270 degrees
  • USB/RS422 interface


The scanners offer improved accuracy and resolution. Integrated heating for outdoor use. The scanner is available in both target identifying and measuring versions.

  • Detection distances 30/80 m
  • 3 outputs for different areas
  • Scanning angle 190 degrees
  • Ethernet interface
  • Also available in the measuring version, for location and size measurement


Measuring scanners URG, UTM and UXM series


The scanners are affordable and accurate. Directly connectable by USB connector, which also provides the power supply. And the size is small indeed!

  • Detection distance 0,60-4 m
  • USB interface
  • Scanning area 240 degrees
  • Size 50x50x70 mm


Scanners with long detection distance and wide detection angle. The scanners of this series are quick as well – a scan lasts only 25 ms.

  • Detection distance 0,1-30 m
  • USB/Ethernet interface
  • Scanning area 240 degrees
  • Scan time 25 ms

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