Sensor & Switches

Sensors for machine and equipment building. Our selection is one of the most comprehensive on the market and it includes photo sensors, inductive sensors, mechanical limit switches, ultrasonic sensors, rotary encoders and various accessories. In addition, we provide the highest quality connectors to complete any sensor assembly.

Camera sensors

DATAVS2 Vision Sensors offer an easy configurabilty of object recognition, identification and professional advanced functions, solving artificial machine vision applications in a flexible and intuitive way.

Force measurement

Tecsis offers a wide selection of force measuring devices for multitude of applications. Measure rates range from 0,5N up to 6000 kN. In addition to their standard item range Tecsis has a strong background in customer-specific solutions. Their selection also includes electronic devices such as testing equipment and various accessories.
Photo at magnet sensor. Photo 1.

Magnetic switches

Bernstein has an extended range of magnetic sensors with electronic versions operating in accordance with the Hall and magneto-resistive principle, as well as highly reliable Reed contact sensors.

Capacitive sensors

Capacitive proximity switches detect conductive and non-conductive materials that can be in a solid or liquid state. They serve the purpose of monitoring product levels in containers, checking contents in filling and packaging systems as well as detecting, positioning, monitoring and counting objects, e.g. in sequence control systems, conveyor belts.

Flow monitoring

Honsberg is a German manufacturer specialized in measuring and monitoring technology. We are proud to offer their high quality products for flow monitoring purposes. The selection contains switches and sensors for multitude of gas and liquid monitoring applications. Flow rates vary from few millilitres all the way up to thousands of litres per minute.

Foot switches

Bernstein foot switches are built for demanding industrial applications. We will help you find the optimal switch for even the most specific needs. Safety foot switches also available for additional protection.


Bernstein enclosures are made from either aluminium, ABS, polycarbonate or polyester. Our selection includes various accessories to complete the overall assembly. Additionally, enclosures are available in special colors and they can be machined to match even the most specific requirements. Control enclosures are always made in accordance with the dimensions given by the customers.

Inductive sensors

Bernstein inductive proximity sensors are widely known for high quality and reliability in various conditions. Extensive selection contains both standard and special models for all applications. Datalogic inductive sensor range completes our selection with high-class and field-tested products.

Laser scanners

Hokuyo is a Japanese scanner manufacturer established in 1946. Their world-class scanning products are used in various industries for example to scan the environment surrounding a production robot. Scanners can identify the size, exact location and direction of any object within their scanning range. The selection includes scanners with different data outputs: detecting scanners with digital output and measuring scanners with raw data output.

Level switches

Limit switches

Bernstein limit switch selection includes both plastic and metal body switches with a wide range of actuators to choose from. Special models available for conveyor belts and sectional door systems.

Linear sensors

Ixthus delivers high quality linear potentiometers which guarantee long service life due to robust design and high IP protection rating.

Mass flow

As the global leader in precision fluid measurement and control, mass flow meter manufacturer Brooks Instrument continues to innovate thermal mass flow technology. From thermal flow sensors and mass flow metering systems, they continually launch new products and enhance existing systems to unlock new levels of thermal mass flow measurement precision, responsiveness, accuracy and repeatability.


Datalogic is a world-class sensor manufacturer known for their outstanding innovations. Their products are unparalleled in the market due to long dedication to research and development activites. The photocell product range covers standard models as well as specialized versions for almost every application. Fibre photocells and light curtains also available. Takex is a photocell manufacturer with high level of specialization and experience in the field. Their product range completes Datalogic selection with more specific products.

Pressure sensors

Tecsis delivers a large selection of pressure sensors for industrial applications. Their product range includes standard and special models for all your needs. Tecsis has extensive experience in the field and the accuracy, reliability and verstatility of their products is unmatched. Ask for additional info from our sales team!

Rotary encoders

BEI is specialized in encoder, position sensor and motion control products. Their encoder selection includes incremental, absolute, rotary optical and magnetic encoders along with position sensors based on Hall-effect. BEIs commitment to excellence ensures you get the highest quality sensors for all your applications. We offer both standard line products as well as fully customized solutions.


As one of the pioneering manufacturers in variable area (VA) flow meter (rotameter) technology, Brooks Instrument has created a diverse and proven portfolio of gas flow meters, installed and in use across virtually every industry. From inline to low volume flow meters Brooks offers high-performance gas and water flow measurement instruments for your application.

Inclination and acceleration sensors

DIS Sensors specializes in tilt, inclination and acceleration sensor technology. Their products are commonly used for example in cranes, solar panels and platform systems to measure the objects state of motion. CAN compatible and SIL-approved versions are also available.

Ultrasonic sensors

The German company PIL Sensoren GmbH is an internationally recognized specialist for the development and production of ultrasonic distance sensors for use in the industrial automation as well as in monitoring and automotive applications. PIL offers a vast selection of ultrasonic sensors with excellent characteristics applicable in various industries. PILs experience in the field guarantees outstanding quality and performance: their sensors can be used to replace older sensing technologies thanks to superior utility and versatility.


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