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OEM Motor selection

Our Motor team has over 35 years of experience in the field and is committed to find you the optimal solution for your need, let it be an individual component or a bigger assembly. We work closely together with our partners to bring you the latest solutions from world-class manufacturers.
With our comprehensive product selection, we serve customers in all fields of industry. Electrical motors are typically utilized in conveyor systems, industrial machinery, motor vehicles and HVAC equipment.

AC motors
AC motors

Our AC motor range includes 1- and 3-phase motors from brands Transtecno, Gefeg Neckar and Panasonic. Motors can be tailored according to customer specific needs.

DC motors
DC motors

We offer high quality DC motors from Doga and Bosch suitable for demanding industrial applications. Our range contains standard stock items with different supply voltages, speeds and power ranges. Additionally, customer-tailored configurations are also available to match even the most exact requirements.

Spur gearboxes
Spur Gearboxes

We offer spur gearboxes compatible with Panasonic AC motors. These gearboxes have long service life and they require minimal maintenance. Various gear ratios are available.

Motor controllers
Motor controllers

Our selection contains high quality motor controllers from Finnish manufacturer Electromen. Their product repertory includes controllers for AC and DC motors, brushless motors and stepper motors. Electromen controllers are highly versatile, compact and their price-performance ratio is very attractive.

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