3D laser skanner
Published: 2019-04-30

3D laser scanner

YVT series

New 3D laser scanner from Hokuyo with 35 m detection distance Scanning angle 210 degrees horizontally and 40 degrees vertically. Ethernet interface with M12 connector. 
The ultra-compact and lightweight scanner can be installed almost anywhere. Also usable outdoors owing to the scanner’s multi-echo system.

  • Detection distance 35 m
  • Scanning angle 210° horizontally and 40° vertically
  • Data points (resolution):
    • 2590 points (none interlace mode, 25 fps)
    • 518000 points (interlace HD mode, 0.1 fps)
  • Ethernet interface
  • Size 70x106x95 mm
  • Enclosure class IP67
  • Weight 650 g

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3D laser skanner

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