WADI cable gland serie
Published: 2019-04-12

New WADI cable gland series from Jacob

The new WADI product family by Jacob features a completely redesigned gland rubber, which allows extensive sealing and tightening area.

The new gland rubber exerts pressure on the cable even more smoothly, so that the cable sheath is safe against point loads. Not only does the smooth pressure protect the cable’s sheath, but the entire cable structure, ensuring interference-free signal transmission. For example, when using data, silicon, fibre optic, Ethernet, or coaxial cables, special attention must be paid to how the cable sheath is compressed. The new gland rubber is bipartite, which means that it can be used more extensively in case of different cable diameters in the same cable gland.

The EMC spring can also be installed into other frames, thereby obtaining, for example, an EMC cable gland resistant to high temperatures or railway-approved cable gland with EMC protection.

The product family consists of the following models:

  • Normal cable gland WADI One
  • Railway-approved WADI Rail (EN45545, HL3)
  • Heat resistant WADI Heat (available in brass and stainless steel)
  • EMC model WADI One EMV

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WADI cable gland serie
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