Capacitive touchpads

  • Switches and keypads
  • Operational under plastic or sheet of glass
  • Range of standard products and customer-specified solutions



Cirque Corporation is the original capacitive touchpad manufacturer known for their excellent touch screen solutions. Cirque products can be utilized in harsh environments without sacrificing usability.


Cirque touch screens are extremely versatile and they can be fitted into multitude of different environments. Capacitive sensing technology allows greater accuracy and guarantees reliable operation even through a sheet of plastic or glass. High level of customizability enables customer-specified solutions where the screen is integrated for example into an enclosure or control panel.


Cirque also offers off-the-shelf touchpads suitable for various applications. These touchpads can be plugged in via USB, PS2, serial port or WLAN.





  • Standard stock items and customer-specified solutions
  • Operation is based on alternation of capacitance
  • Functional under 3mm of plastic and 6mm of glass
  • Multi-finger and stylus compatible
  • Can be integrated with keypads and slide switches
  • Connection through USB, PS2, serial port or WLAN
  • Can be EMI-protected
  • Secure Sence -protection system



Applications include:


Onboard computers, control panels, audible and signaling equipment, game controllers, access control devices, industrial machinery, vehicle control devices etc.






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