IO-link encoder, one turn absolute, solid shaft or hollow shaft

  • Diameter 58mm, 6 or 10mm solid shaft or 14mm hollow shaft
  • Resolution 16-bit
  • IP65, option IP67
  • Programmable parameters: resolution, counting direction and zero point position

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Selected variant


Sensor type Absolute
Housing diametre 58 mm
Shaft Diameter min 6 mm
Shaft Diameter max 15 mm
Resolution 16-bit
Connection Thread Cable, M12 contact, M23 contact
IP Class IP65
Speed max. 12000 rpm
Supply Voltage DC Min 30 V DC
Supply Voltage DC Max 4,75 V DC
Temperature range from -40 °C
Temperature range to 85 °C
Output IO-Link

Measurements and connections

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Articles Sensor type Housing diametre Shaft Diameter min Shaft Diameter max Resolution Connection Thread IP Class Speed max. Supply Voltage DC Min Supply Voltage DC Max Temperature range from Temperature range to Output
Absolute 58 mm 6 mm 15 mm 16-bit Cable, M12 contact, M23 contact IP65 12000 rpm 30 V DC 4,75 V DC -40 °C 85 °C IO-Link

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