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Surface mounted luminaire ELN-RGBW

  • Tubular design, surface mounted, length 140 - 1120mm
  • RGBW-function, 7 color options
  • Anodised aluminium housing, plastic moun. brackets, IP54
  • M8 connector
  • Diffuse safety glass cover

Product description

The ELN-RGBW is a refinement of the ELN series. The almost identically

designed luminaire not only offers all the features of the conventional ELN, but

features a brilliant new technical accomplishment that is more or less unique

on the market at present.


In addition to white light, the ELN-RGBW can display various statuses in 7

different colours. For example, the luminaire may indicate a malfunction of a

machine or alert the operator to reload parts.


Unlike full-RGB luminaires, the ELN-RGBW can be used for illumination with

white light as well as for status indication, all with a single luminaire. And it

also achieves a CRI of more than 80, because the white light is produced with

separate LEDs rather than blending the three primary colours on the RGB

chips. This all-in-one solution not only saves time and money, but also space.

The ELN-RGBW therefore offers genuine added value.

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Articles Length Power Consumption Supply voltage Temperature Range To
280 mm 9,4 W 24 V DC 45 °C
560 mm 18,8 W 24 V DC 45 °C
840 mm 28,2 W
1120 mm 37,6 W 24 V DC 45 °C
280 mm 9,4 W 24 V DC 45 °C
560 mm 18,8 W 24 V DC 45 °C


ELN-RGBW 280 surface luminaire, D-DIFF-O-M8-55



Colour temperature 5700 K
IP Class IP54
Length 280 mm
Material Glass PMMA
Power Consumption 9,4 W
Supply voltage 24 V DC
Temperature Range To 45 °C
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