Duelco A/S is a distribution and engineering firm with more than 44 years of experience in the development, sale and distribution of solutions relating to electrical and automation equipment.
Duelco mainly operates out of the company is two offices, which are located in Sönderborg and Aalborg.

Duelco - excellent solutions 

The term "perfection" has always been a key element in Duelco's business philosophy. Duelco products are some of the best in the world. Ever since the company began in 1974, values have been characterised by provision of outstanding service on a daily basis, possession of supreme technical know-how, top-quality products and superb supply capability.

Company facts

  • Founded in 1974
  • Headquarter Sönderborg, Denmark

Product examples

  • Safety relays
  • Extension modules
  • Two hand module
  • Standstill monitoring
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