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The future is here!
The globalization of the 21st century poses incredible challenges for commercial enterprises throughout the world. However, this development also offers promising opportunities. In the last few decades, it has been precisely the global trends that have developed into innovation drivers. GHM GROUP is a player in this dynamic market development. As a medium-sized enterprise we specialize in implementing these trends in marketable products and solutions faster than many others. 

Speed by flexibility

As in literally all segments of industry in the measurement and control sector, the highest level of quality and outstanding service are required. In this regards the innovation cycles are becoming shorter and shorter – implementation of new requirements must occur at an ever faster pace. Our management has met this challenge with a consistent and dedicated strategy.  

GHM GROUP's solution: The flexible R&D pool! 

At our six center of competence more than 40 experienced specialists bring their know-how from the respective areas of expertise into multidisciplinary teams that quickly and flexibly develop precisely those products or adaptations that meet the requirements of our customers.

Honsberg and Val.Co are part of GHM Group.

Company facts

  • Founded 2009
  • Headquarter Erolzheim, Germany

Product examples

  • Flow indicators
  • Flow switches
  • Flow meters
  • Flow sensors
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