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Micro tweezer station CP-2E

  • For SMC chip component removal
  • PA120 micro tweezer handle
  • Peak power 80W
  • +90 °C...+450 °C

Product description

The CP micro twwzer station comes with the Adjustable Micro Tweezers AM120. This is the fastest way to remove SMD chip components and small/medium SOP from PCB assemblies.


The Tweezers are suitable for C120 Cartridges. The station works with the JBC exclusive Heating System and the intelligent sleep & hibernation features. Using the menu you can personalize over 20 parametes.


It features a USB connector to update software, create graphs and manage parameters from a PC. A complete cleaning system with antisplash membrane and wiper with sponge is integrated.


Product Composition:


  • 1 CP Control Unit
  • 1 AM120-A Adjustable Micro Tweezers
  • 1 C120002 Conical Bent Ø 0.2
  • 1 S0354 Sponge 36x69mm
  • 1 CL0160 ESD Safe Wiper for Compact Stations
  • 1 CL6210 Brass Wool



Micro tweezer station CP-2E



Ambient operating temperature 10-40
Dimensions 150x175x145
Input fuse 1 A
Output peak power 80 / 23.5
Supply voltage 230 V AC
Weight 2,7 kg

Measurements and connections

Technical illustrations

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