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Multi-key solenoid controlled switch KSSE20

  • Solenoid controlled, multi-key electrical switch
  • Up to 4 locks can be released from the same switch
  • 2 NC+2 NO or 4 NC contacts

Product description

A typical application of KSSE multi-key solenoid controlled switch is machine guarding. It is usually used in combination with an access interlock such as the Salus for part body access or an AIE access interlock with an exchange key for full body access control such as AIE.


The KSSE breaks the machine safety circuit, ensuring a machine is shut down once the isolation key is inserted and turned into the unit. Once the machine has completed the cycle, an external signal is received by the solenoid, which is indicated by an illuminated LED. Activating the green button on the KSSE will enable the personnel keys to be turned and removed ensuring the power is locked out. The keys can then be taken to the AIE dual key access interlocks to enable access to the machinery.


The machine cannot be restarted until all doors are closed, and all personnel keys returned to the KSSE.



Articles IP Class Material Protection Weight
4 kg
IP65 Painted steel 4 kg
IP65 Painted steel 4,5 kg
4,5 kg



KSSE20, 1+1, 2NO+2NC, 24 VDC

spinner symbol


Approvals CE, CSA, UL
Conforming To EMC, LVD, MD
Contact Current Max 20 A
Contact Current Min 5 mA
Contact Voltage Max 400 V
Contact Voltage Min 20 V
Materials Locks Brass
Mttfd 7386 year
Temperature ambient from -25 °C
Temperature ambient to 55 °C
Weight 4 kg

Measurements and connections

Technical illustrations

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