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Quadro profiles

  • 360° operating area
  • Ø18 mm and Ø22 mm
  • High level of sensitivity
  • Easy to install

Product description

The Gelbau Quadro-Profile is used primarily in the field of local public transport, where it is installed as a safety feature for the closing edges of passenger doors in buses and trains. The EPDM profile can be used only in conjunction with a sealing profile. It is simply pushed into the hollow chamber of existing or newly developed sealing profiles. The profiles have a diameter of 18 mm or 22 mm, and require a sheath-profile with a hollow compartment minimum diameter of 21.5 mm or 25.5 mm. The profile is characterised by a high level of sensitivity.


Illustration. Image 1.

Illustration. Image 2.



  • Public transport, buses, metro etc
  • Door systems such as sectional doors
  • 360° operation
  • Easy to install, can also be retrofitted
  • High level of sensitivity
  • Profile consists of four conductive zones, out of which at least three will always contact under mechanical pressure
  • Temperature range -40 °C…+80 °C



Cross-cut section


360° operating range









Safetty edge profile, 18 mm round, EPDM

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