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OEM Automatic is a leading provider of industrial components in Europe.  With an exceptionally broad range of products from leading manufacturers, OEM offers customers a unique opportunity to acquire all the components they require from a single supplier that knows the local market. Read more.

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Unique product range

We have divided our business into specialized product areas. Each product area is dedicated to a specific range of products with expert functions built around them.


Take a look at the latest product updates, manufacturers' presentations and interesting customer stories.

Emergency buttons
Ergonomic emergency stop buttons from Baco

Are you among those who feel that emergency stop buttons ruin the appearance of an otherwise well-designed machine?

  • #Panel components
  • #Push buttons
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Relay school 1
Relay School - Lesson 1

Can you distinguish between a bifurcated contact and a normal contact at a glance?

  • #Panel components
  • #Relays
JBC soldering stations
Handy soldering pots for quick wire tinning

JBC offers quality soldering pots for quick wire tinning. Read more!

  • #Electronics
  • #Soldering
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Photoneo 3D scanner
Photoneo PhoXi 3D scanners

PhoXi 3D scanners are based on sophisticated structured light imaging technology, in which the second camera in the traditional two-camera stereo capture has been replaced with a pattern projector.

  • #Machine Vision
  • #3D sensors
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