Code of Conduct

OEM EESTI OÜ, OEM AUTOMATIC SIA and OEM AUTOMATIC UAB are committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate social responsibility in its business activities. We aspire to high standards of practice through a process of continual improvement and monitoring.  Responsibility for implementation of this policy lies with the Managing Director and the management team.

To meet this commitment we have implemented management systems that reinforce the requirements of our corporate social responsibility policy and most importantly strive to:

1. Comply with all applicable laws, regulations and other employment standards.
2. Consult with and respond to the concerns of all of our stakeholders
3. Behave with honesty and integrity in all our activities and relationships with others and reject bribery and corruption in all its forms  

OEM Automatic aim is to establish close and long-term relationships with business partners, suppliers and customers and have therefore formulated the following code of conduct. 

1. Human Rights

OEM Automatic respects and promotes the protection of internationally accepted human rights and does not knowingly work with organisations involved in human rights abuses.

2. Anti- Corruption

OEM Automatic has an excellent reputation for honesty and integrity. Any involvement in bribery, extortion or corruption in any form will not be tolerated. A separate document for employee guidance is included in our company handbook and is available on request.

3. Environmental Responsibility

OEM Automatic promotes and supports environmental responsibility, as well as the development of products and services that deliver environmental benefits. We also strive to minimise the environmental impact of our operation by recycling of waste when possible and the continuous improvement of our energy efficiency.

4. Freedom of Association

All employees are free to join a union if they wish and OEM Automatic will respect any collective bargaining agreements relevant to that membership.

5. Forced  and compulsory labour

OEM Automatic does not tolerate or support any form of forced or compulsory labour. All employees have the right to leave their employment in accordance with their contract or relevant current legislation. 

6. Child labour

OEM Automatic is opposed to all forms of child labour or other exploitation of children at work.
No one is employed by us before completion of their compulsory education.

7. Discrimination

The diversity among employees at OEM Automatic is seen as positive and no one shall be discriminated against because of their race, colour, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, political beliefs, ethnic or social origin, age, or disability. Harassment in the form of physical or psychological abuse is prohibited as well as any kind of intimidation or other threats. A separate document for employee guidance is included in our company handbook and is available on request.

8. Precautionary approach

OEM Automatic has a precautionary approach in relation to environmental threats, which means that we avoid using dangerous materials when a more environmentally friendly alternative is available.

9. Interests of customers

When dealing with customers OEM Automatic observes the rules of fair trade, marketing and advertising. OEM Automatic also ensures that our goods and services meet all the legal standards and requirements applicable to them.

10. Competition

OEM Automatic conducts its business activities in accordance with all applicable laws and legislation and does not enter into any anti-competitive agreements.

This code applies to all employees not only with respect to internal affairs, but also in relation to business partners, suppliers and customers.
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