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RKUB low voltage cable

  • Lightweight
  • Fine-stranded
  • Figure 8 shaped crosscut
  • Various size and color options available

Product description

PVC insulated cable for low voltage applications such as loudspeakers. Fine-stranded copper conductor.


Articles Color Jacket Nominal Voltage
Black 60 V
Black 60 V
Black 60 V
White 60 V
White 60 V
White 60 V


RKUB 2x0,50 mm² black


Number Of leads 2
Cross-Section 0,5 mm²
Temperature Range The Use Of 70 °C
Temperature Range The Use Of -40 °C
Temperature Range For Flexible Use 70 °C
Temperature Range Flexible Use Of -15 °C
Copper Weight 9,6 kg/km
Color Jacket Black
Bending radius >8xd
Nominal Voltage 60 V
Cable weight 14 kg/km
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