RQY Y distributor, TPE

Y distributor RQY, available in black or grey color.

  • IP66
  • Temperature range from -40 °C to +120 °C

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Selected variant


Hose dimension AD2 3x10
Pack Size 10
IP Class IP67
Color Black
Temperature range from -40 °C
Temperature range to 120 °C
Weight kg / 100 ± 10% 0,63
Material Thermoplastic


Measurements and connections

Product description

Y distributor RQY, available in black or grey color.



Food cable
Product news

New cabling solutions for food and beverage industry applications

The food and beverage industries have placed high expectations on products and packages. OEM Automatic meets these expectations by expanding the range of its cable & connection technology product area with products developed especially for the needs of the food and beverage industry.

Molex Junior Timer
Product news

Updated Molex MPM Junior Timer connector cable

Junior Timer connectors are a popular choice for magnet valve electrical quick connectors. Molex MPM Junior Timer connector cables have been on the market for a long time, but now Molex has also introduced the new Molex MPM Junior Timer connector.

Product news

Push-In sockets that save both time and space

ComatReleco has launched a new series of push-in sockets specifically designed for time and space savings.

Product news

Fiepos — The power supply of the future

The need for flexible, modular systems shapes machine and system engineering. Decentralization of the system components has proven to be an important factor for success.

Syr-Line time relays
Product news

New “all-round” Syr-Line time relays by Crouzet

Crouzet has honoured the strong Syrelec time relay traditions established in the 1980s, first by Cronos and Cronos 2 series. Now, Crouzet presents the compact and extremely versatile Syr-Line series.

2D laser scanners
Product news

2D laser scanners

The Hokuyo 2D laser scanners measure the distance between the scanner and the environment. The scanner can detect size, location and target movement direction based on target scanning data.

Articles Hose dimension AD2 Pack Size IP Class Color Temperature range from Temperature range to Weight kg / 100 ± 10% Material
3x10 10 IP67 Black -40 °C 120 °C 0,63 Thermoplastic
2x15,8+1x21,2 10 IP66 Black -40 °C 120 °C 2,6 Thermoplastic
3x21,2 10 IP66 Black -40 °C 120 °C 2,9 Thermoplastic
2x21,2+1x28,5 10 IP66 Black -40 °C 120 °C 3,5 Thermoplastic
2x28,5/1x34,5 10 IP66 Black -40 °C 120 °C 5,2 Thermoplastic

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