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DC fans

  • Axial fans
  • Radial fans
  • Centrifugal fans
  • Tangential (cross-flow) fans
  • Customer-specific solutions

Product description

We deliver high-quality DC fans and fan blowers. DC fans typically have either 12VDC or 24VDC supply voltage but for example 5VDC and 18VDC versions are also available.


Axial fans


Axial fans are the most common fan type suitable for multitude of cooling and ventilation applications. Standardized dimensions guarantee simple design process and easy mounting.


Radial fans


Radial fans turn axial air flow into radial without loss in flow rate. Radial fans are designed to create higher pressure and flow rate than axial fans, which makes them a perfect choice for confined spaces where other cooling solutions are not possible.


Centrifugal fans


Centrifugal fans utilize the same operating principle but they are often delivered without the casing. This way the fan can be tailored according to solution-specific requirements.


Tangential fans


Tangential fans, also known as cross-flow fans, create a wide but narrow airflow as the air is directed tangetially out from the fan system.


Virtually all our fan products can be tailored according to your needs. We also supply finger protectors, filters as well as connecting cables for models equipped with connectors. 


Articles Air Capacity Height Nominal voltage Power Consumption Sound level Width
30 m³/h 60 mm 24 V DC 110 mA 30 dB 60 mm
40 m³/h 60 mm 12 V DC 180 mA 36 dB 60 mm
67 m³/h 80 mm 12 V DC 170 mA 36 dB 80 mm
67 m³/h 80 mm 12 V DC 170 mA 36 dB 80 mm


Fan Volvo Parts

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Air Capacity 30 m³/h
Approvals TÜV, UL
Color Black
Height 60 mm
Material of body Plastic
Nominal voltage 24 V DC
Power Consumption 110 mA
Sound level 30 dB
Width 60 mm
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