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Heating wires

  • Standard, monoexit and constant power heating wires
  • Supply voltage 1 - 400V
  • Temperature max. 200°C
  • Power up to 60W/m

Product description

Monoexit cable


This particular kind of heating cable could be used in different applications, such as refrigeration, air conditioning units, aquariums, terrariums, etc. This cable has both the wires (in/out) on the same side, allowing, in this way, its use also when a connection of the two ends is not possible; furthermore, this particular construction reduces installation time, wiring costs and eventual replacement.


Heating wire


This particular kind of heating cable, extremely flexible and easily adaptable to complex shapes, can be used in many applications for its versatility. It could be supplied in rolls or in single piece, according to the request of the customer, with related connections, connectors, wires, etc. This type of cable can have integrated cold parts, avoiding any joins and, even, cold and heating sections also at different powers, along its whole length.


Constant power cable

This particular kind of heating cable is suitable for all those applications where a constant power along the whole length, flexibility and high resistance at thermal excursions (-50°C +200°C) are required. The production technology of this cable allows to manage different cutting lengths according to the steps of the contacts, normally placed at 50 cm one from the other.




Articles Operating temperature Operating voltage
-40 - 200°C 1 - 400 V
-40 - 200°C 1 - 400 V
-50 - 200°C 12 - 230 V



Monoexit cable

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Approvals CE
Operating temperature -40 - 200°C
Operating voltage 1 - 400 V
Output peak power 60 W/m
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