Industrial keyboards

  • IP, EX and AM-approved keyboards
  • Housing material either plastic, metal or silicone
  • The keyboard can be eqipped with a trackball, touchpad and/or joystick

Selected variant

Selected variant


IP Class IP65
Key layout qwerty
Number of keys 83
Temperature range from 0 °C
Temperature range to 70 °C

Technical illustrations



Articles Certificate Color IP Class Key layout Material Outer Number of keys Output Pressure length Pressure Sensitivity Temperature range from Temperature range to
IP65 qwerty 83 0 °C 70 °C
CE, FCC White IP68 Silicone 107 USB 1,3 mm 1,5 N 0 °C 70 °C
IP68 qwerty 107 0 °C 70 °C

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