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Suspension system CS-3000

  • For heavy loads
  • Wide selection of elbows, joints and brackets made of aluminium
  • Component standard RAL 7016 (RAL9006 also available)
  • Easy to assemble
  • Maximum distance 2m / 500N load

Product description

Bernstein CS-3000 suspensions systems provide efficiency, flexibility and durability for wide variety of applications. In the main, system constructors expect modern suspension systems to feature variable configuration, progressive design and complete ease installation.


The system can be utilized for example in industrial production, testing environments, hospitals and laboratories to ensure easy accessability and smooth operations of any device. The system is fully modular which guarantees high level of customization. The series feature:


  • Six-fold form-fit thanks to component contour in tube attachment area (the otherwise optional safety hole additionally required for overhead installation is rendered unnecessary)
  • One-man installation of the complete system
  • Infinitely variable system alignment by means of tube mounting screws
  • Subsequent alignment at any time without dismantling the complete system
  • Cable and installation openings at all joints in the system
  • Different tube lengths for variable configuration
  • Tube machined at one end can be cut to required length (machining templates supplied)
  • Adjustable torque, fine adjustment of firmness by means of clamping lever or screw



Example of assembly

A Elbow 90°

B Horizontal joint

C Turning coupling

D Turning wall joint, horizontal


Load diagram

Take into account that horizontal joints have different load bearing capabilities!








Clutch CS-3000

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