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Product description

If cameras or lasers are used at ambient temperatures of about 45°C, active cooling will be usually required.


autoVimation's water cooling system is suited for industrial applications, for instance allowing the camera use in climate chambers. It consists of water cooling modules for laser- and camera enclosures which are connected through a closed water-circuit with a cooling unit. This unit containing radiator, fans, pump and controller requires a location with moderate ambient temperature not more than 20m away from the enclosure. In return the water cooling set-up allows the operation of laser and cameras at temperatures from down to -50 to up to 200°C without further insulation (depending on application parameters). The water-cooling-controller permanently monitor the camera temperature and provide an alarm output that can be used to protect the camera.


For outside camera use in a moderate climate or in a cold store, heating of the enclosure may be sufficient. For these applications autoVimation provides a controlled heating plate that mounts to the side of the enclosure. Depending on the ambient temperature the heating plate is always heated to the set temperature and can keep the camera above 0°C at  temperatures down to -50°C (application dependent). The large size of the heating plate ensures an even temperature distribution, avoiding dew points and condensation inside the camera housing.


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Heating plate for Orca/Gecko/Salamander enclosures

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