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Solios eCL / XCL-B Camera Link frame grabber

  • Low profile frame grabber
  • Captures from frame and line scan cameras
  • Handles one Base Camera Link configuration
  • PCI-E x1 or PCI-X interface

Product description

The Matrox Solios eCL/XCL-B is a Camera Link® frame grabber for cost sensitive

applications. Its acquisition capabilities and PCI Express® (PCIe®) or PCI-X® bus

interface make the Matrox Solios eCL/XCL-B an excellent match for entry-level



Matrox Solios eCL/XCL-B operates as a single-Base Camera Link® frame grabber

featuring Power over Camera Link® (PoCL) with SafePower. With an acquisition speed

of up to 85 MHz4 and multi-tap support including complete image reconstruction the Matrox Solios eCL/XCL-B is able to handle the most popular entry-level industrial

or scientific area and line scan cameras. It can also transparently convert between

monochrome and packaged/planar RGB color spaces enabling optimum representation

of image data for processing and/or display freeing valuable host resources.


One lane PCIe® (x1) and PCI-X® are the interfaces used to connect to the host PC

on the Matrox Solios eCL-B and Matrox Solios XCL-B frame grabber boards

respectively. PCIe® is the follow-on to conventional PCI and PCI-X® whereas PCI-X®

is a backwards-compatible enhancement to conventional PCI. Both the PCIe® x1 and

PCI-X® implementations offers the right balance of performance and cost.


Technical specifications




  • PCIe® x1 card or PCI/PCI-X® card with universal 64-bit card edge connector (64-bit 33/66 MHz 5V/3.3V PCI and 64-bit 66/100/133 MHz PCI-X®)
  • 64 MB of 100 MHz DDR SDRAM for acquisition
  • handles a single Camera Link® Base port2, 3
  • PoCL (Power over Camera Link®) with SafePower support
  • Channel Link™ speed of up to 85 MHz4
  • supports frame and line-scan video sources
  • full tap reconstruction from multi-tap sources3
  • one 4K x 12-bit or three 256 x 8-bit LUTs
  • three TTL configurable auxiliary I/Os
  • two LVDS configurable auxiliary inputs
  • one LVDS configurable auxiliary outputs
  • two opto-isolated configurable auxiliary inputs
  • serial communication port mapped as a PC COM port


Block diagram


Matrox Solios eCL/XCL-B




Articles Bustyp
PCI Express x1



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Bustyp PCI-X
Memory RAM 64 MB
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