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PB-2500J power backup module

  • Ultracapacitor-based, 2500 Ws capacity
  • Up to 10 years lifespan and 500,000 charging/ discharging cycles
  • High/ low voltage protection
  • Installed inside the embedded system

Product description

Neousys' PB-2500J series is an innovative power backup solution for demanding industrial applications. Utilizing ultracapacitor technology, it features -25 to 65°C operating temperature range and extremely high durability. Compared to traditional battery-based UPS systems, PB-2500J series sustains superb reliability in extreme temperature environments and eliminates the drawback of battery performance degradation over time.


PB-2500J series is composed of eight 100F ultracapacitors to provide 2500 watt-second stored energy to sustain your computer during power outage and depending on your system’s power consumption, it could be from seconds to minutes. But what makes PB-2500J novel is its patented CAP Sensing technology, an on-board processor that constantly monitors power consumption and evolves with the system. During a power outage, it maximizes the system operation time by estimating the perfect time to initiate system shutdown to prevent data loss.


PB-2500J series is available in two form-factors; PB-2500J-PCIe is a plug-and-play PCIe card specifically designed for Neousys Nuvo-6000 (except Nuvo-6108GC/ IGN) while PB-2500J-CSM is designed for Nuvo-5000 and Nuvo-7000 series.


When it comes to industrial embedded controllers, stability and data loss prevention during power outages are just as important. Neousys’ PB-2500J series aims to do the latter by redefining reliability and taking it to another level. With PB-2500J series, unexpected power loss and unstable power lines are a thing in the past!


Product highlights:


  • Ultracapacitor-based, -25 to 65°C wide temperature operation
  • 2500 watt-second energy capacity
  • Up to 10 years lifespan and 500,000 charging/ discharging cycles
  • Patented CAP energy management technology
  • Maximizes back-up time in an event of unforeseen power outage
  • Monitors energy consumed and estimates the time required for system shutdown
  • User-configurable operating parameters
  • Auto/ manual shutdown control
  • High/ low voltage protection
  • UltraCAP energy/ lifespan configuration




Power backup module 2500 Ws PCIe



Height 111 mm
Temperature range bearing, from -40 °C
Temperature range bearing, to 70 °C
Temperature range from -25 °C
Temperature range to 65 °C
Width 167 mm
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