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Advanced Illumination - BL138 Series backlights

Expandable High Power Linear Backlights

  • 510,000 lux - perfect for line-scanning applications
  • Available 6” (152.4mm) increments from 6” (152.4mm) to 96” (2438.4mm) with the exception of a 3” (76.2mm)model
  • Intensity control of entire light via 0 - 10v input

Product description

The BL138 is a high intensity linear backlight offering 510 kLux output, making this perfect for back-lit, line scanning applications.

Available from 6" length up to 96" in increments of 6". A 3″ (75mm) length option is also available. Available intensity control provides illuminance adjustability for every 6″ increment via a 0 – 10v input.


Power options include:

  • C1 connector - for use with DCS series controllers
  • C5 connector - for use with Pulsar 320 strobe controller
  • Continuous in-line controller - powered by 24V power supply
  • Flying/tinned leads - powered by 24V power supply


For enquiries or quotes for sizes and power options not listed here please contact us.

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BL138 backlight



Approvals CE, RoHS
Feed C1, C5, IC, 24
IP Class IP50
Life Span 50000 h
Temperature range from 0 °C
Temperature range to 60 °C
Wave-Length WHI, RGB, 455, 530, 625, 850

Measurements and connections

  • BL138.eps dimensions

    BL138.eps dimensions

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