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Pressure compensation device

DA 284

  • High protection class - IP66
  • Double-acting waterproof membrane
  • Stainless steel housing option for the food industry
  • Helps prevent condensation
  • Quick fit snap in version

Product description

If a cabinet is subjected to temperature variations, such as day/night or if heat is rapidly produced in the cabinet during operation and then cools when operation ceases, pressure changes occur and condensation is formed if the cabinet is too tightly sealed. In some cases the cabinet can even have a negative pressure, i.e. a vacuum, and dust and moisture can enter the cabinet through the door strips. A very easy way to eliminate condensation and dust in the cabinet is to mount ventilation housing DA284. This ventilation housing has a double-acting membrane, which entails that moist air is discharged from the cabinet and dry, clean air is brought in, leaving dust and moisture outside.


Technical data


DA284 - Plastic housing

DA284 - Stainless steel housing


M40x1.5 threads with accompanying nuts

M40x1.5 threads with accompanying nuts


Polyamide 6, light grey

Stainless steel V2A (DIN 1.4404 7 AISI 316 L)


Double-acting membrane

Double-acting membrane

Air capacity

1200 l/h (at air pressure >70 mbar)

1200 l/h (at air pressure >70 mbar)

Operating temperature

-40 °C to +80 °C

-40 °C to +80 °C

Enclosure class




Ce-marking, Drawing on approved of UL





DA284 - Plastic housing

DA284 - Stainless steel housing

Dimensions. Plastic cover.

Dimensions. Stainless cover.



Order number

Order no.



Ventilation housing DA284, polyamide (2 pcs)


Ventilation housing DA284, polyamide (1 pc)


Ventilation housing DA284, stainless steel/AISI 303 (1 pc)


Ventilation housing DA284, stainless steel/AISI 316L (1 pc)




Articles Color Depth Diameter Flamklass Material of body Material Plastic Housing Operational Temperature Storage temperature Structural Depth Weight
Light Grey 37 mm 60 mm Plastic PA6 -35°C ... +70°C -35°C ... +70°C 16 mm 0,09 kg
Light Grey 37 mm 60 mm UL94-V0 Plastic PA6 -35°C ... +70°C -35°C ... +70°C 16 mm 0,045 kg
31 mm 58 mm Stainless steel 304 -35°C ... +80°C -35°C ... +80°C 11 mm 0,2 kg



DA 284 Plastic, M40, IP66, pack of 2

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Air Capacity 1,2 m³/h
Approvals EAC, RoHS
Color Light Grey
Depth 37 mm
Diameter 60 mm
Drag Torque Nut 5
IP Class IP66
Material of body Plastic
Material Plastic Housing PA6
Operational Temperature -35°C ... +70°C
Punching M40
Storage temperature -35°C ... +70°C
Structural Depth 16 mm
Torque max 5 Nm
Weight 0,09 kg
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