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Cylindrical fuse link, 14x51, aR

  • Fast acting aR
  • 6-63 A
  • Breaking capacity 160 kA
  • 690 VAC (IEC) / 700 VAC (UL) / 500 V DC (UL)
  • With or without striker

Product description

Protistor 14x51 aR are extremely high interrupting rating fuses with large band of ratings. Applications include small inverters, UPS systems, variable speed drives and other similar equipment 700V or less.


  • Extremely fast acting aR (IEC 60269-4)
  • Current limiting
Number of variants matching filter 22/22 |


Articles Indication (CVL) Manufacturer Part No Nominal current
H1027325 6 A
J1027326 8 A
K1027327 10 A
L1027328 12 A
M1027329 16 A
N1027330 20 A
P1027331 25 A
Q1027332 32 A
R1027333 40 A
S1027334 50 A
T1027335 63 A
Striker P1056656 6 A
Striker Q1056657 8 A
Striker R1056658 10 A
Striker S1056659 12 A
Striker T1056660 16 A
Striker V1056661 20 A
Striker W1056662 25 A
Striker X1056663 32 A
Striker Y1056664 40 A
Striker Z1056665 50 A
Striker A1056666 63 A



Protistor semiconductor 14x51 aR 690 VAC 6 A

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Approvals CE, CSA, UL
Breaking Capacity 160 kA
Characteristic (CVL) aR
Manufacturer Part No H1027325
Nominal current 6 A
Pack Size 10
Voltage AC max 690 V
Voltage DC max 500 V

Measurements and connections

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