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Millenium EVO

  • Up to 44 I/O
  • Up to 16 analog inputs
  • Local datalogging sent via email
  • Modbus TCP (Client/Server) Modbus RTU (Slave)

Product description

The communication logic controller for all small-scale automation projects.


Ethernet, Modbus, USB, Bluetooth - communication protocols to control, monitor, interact and program.

Ethernet and any of the other protocols can be used at the same time.


Access EVO's front control face from your PC, laptop or mobile device.

  • Use Bluetooth technology to save time and easily program difficult to access controllers
  • View front control face in real-time and change available parameters
  • Program in a safe and comfortable environment, away from equipment and hardware
  • Reduce risk of operator errors
  • Cost-efficient solution for simple applications that eliminates the need for expensive HMIs


Continuously monitor your applications



FTP Server

Measure and record key parameters of your installation.

Periodically receive datalogs in .csv file, by email or by FTP*.

Program regular email notifications.

Chose the events you need to monitor.

Get regular status updates or alarm notifications.

Collect datalogs sent by products.

Re-use the data to customise a preferred visualization.

* Download via Bluetooth or USB for standalone version.


Edit and program EVO controller even if already installed in your application. No need to remove it or disconnect a single cable. Now it is possible to connect PC and Millenium EVO without a cable to read and write your programs. Edit programs and control Millenium EVO from the safety and comfort of your desk.


Improved inputs and outputs

4 configurable High-Speed inputs:

  • Up to 15 KHz counting speed

8 configurable digital and analog inputs:

  • Voltage control 0-10 V and 0-Vcc
  • Connect NTC Temperature probes directly
  • Use as voltmeter

4 digital inputs

8 outputs:

  • 2 x 6A relay outputs
  • 6 x 8A relay outputs


Better screen.

Good visualizations indoor or outdoor even with backlight off. EVO's new screen is so bright that you will rarely need to turn on the backlight even under direct sunlight. Save power and become green!


Create, simulate and debug your program before receiving the controller with free software.

Quick and easier than ever programming. Visual programming and vast pre-programmed function blocks to drag and drop into your application make the new version of Crouzet Soft the most intuitive and easiest to use even for first-time users.

  • Easiest and most intuitive visual programming software
  • Twice as much memory capacity than competitors (up to 1000 function blocks)
  • Ready to configure communication protocols
  • Supports complex data processing with its 32-bit capacity
  • Allows you to combine function block and SFC programming
  • Oragnize your program with custom icons, images and text comments

Create your own macros or use pre-programmed application blocks


Articles Display Measuring Range Analog Input ID IG Number of inputs Number of outputs OFF-Voltage Logic 0 Mode Input I5 IC Real Time Clock Switching Voltage Logic 1 Mode Input I5-IG Width
Yes 0-10 V DC, 0-24 V DC 16 8 10 V Yes 15 V 124,6 mm
Yes 0-10 V DC, 0-24 V DC 16 8 10 V Yes 15 V 124,6 mm
No 0-10 V DC, 0-24 V DC 16 8 10 V Yes 15 V 124,6 mm
No 0-10 V DC, 0-24 V DC 16 8 10 V Yes 15 V 124,6 mm
6 4 9 V 11 V 60,4 mm
6 4 8 V 11 V 60,4 mm



Millenium EVO XDP24 16 In 8 Out 24V dc

spinner symbol


Approvals CE, cULus
Depth 61,1 mm
Display Yes
Expandable Yes
Height 90 mm
Measuring Range Analog Input ID IG 0-10 V DC, 0-24 V DC
Number of inputs 16
Number of outputs 8
OFF-Voltage Logic 0 Mode Input I5 IC 10 V
Real Time Clock Yes
Supply voltage 24 V DC
Switching Voltage Logic 1 Mode Input I5-IG 15 V
Switching Voltage Max 250 V AC
Temperature range from -20 °C
Temperature range to 60 °C
Width 124,6 mm
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