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Product description

CAL Controls software CALgrafix is for the controller series 3300, 9300, 9400, 9500 and 9500P. This can be used to program the controllers, but also as a freestanding program for general process monitoring. Here follows a brief presentation, contact OEM Automatic, product area Temperature for additional information.

Program control, series 9500P
CALgrafix supports the program function in 9500P with very high user-friendliness (ramping, soak time, recipe handling etc.).
Program profiles are created through “click-and-drag” and by doing so creating the required control profile. When this has been done values and times can be adjusted to the required function.

Example of functions

Example of displays in CALgrafix

  • Click on the selected instrument to change set point values or configuration
  • Copy an instrument’s settings to another, e.g. when commissioning
    mould jets with several zones
  • Up to 128 instruments can be connected simultaneously
  • Save one or more controllers’ settings in files (recipe handling)
  • Printer function direct on the PC screen
  • Logging/screen dump in real time of temperature or other measurement values
    up to 12 measurement values per diagram
  • Storage of measured loggings in log files
  • Adjustable scale for measurement values/time, adjustable log frequency
  • Configuration, copying of settings
  • “Recipe handling” in files
  • Logging of selectable parameters as actual/set point values, output power in %
    alarm indications
  • Time controlled logging function
  • Simplified programming of ramps/soak times etc. for 9500P and
    CALogix (“drag and drop”)
  • List of settings per controller
  • OPC compatible, connection in network
  • Monitoring of non-CAL clients too (via OPC)
  • Audio files (.wav) can be imported for audible alarms
  • Interconnection of several networks
  • Digital photos (bitmap) can be imported and used as a background
  • Logging can be scaled to be able to show different units, e.g. pressure
    and temperature


Screenpicture on instrument and programming of rampfunction

The instrument is mounted on machines or other
measurement position at the “factory site” where the
machine operator can see process values or set
point values and can directly via the buttons set
another set point value or another configuration.

CAL’s instruments are primarily designed for
temperature control, but can also as here be used
for measurement, control or monitoring of
all applicable process signals where the signal
source is 0-20/4-20 mA or 0-10 V. In addition to
heating control via contactors or solid state relays
there is also an analogue output on 9500P. This
can control e.g. a frequency converter to control a
speed, a pump or a proportional valve which in turn
can control e.g. humidity level, pressure, etc.

Transducer 3C25000K3

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For communication


CALgrafix Professional, software for CAL’s controllers and other clients/servers, with OPC-server


Adapter RS232 to RS485






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