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Power Supply 1-Phase, 24 V DC Dimension C Series, Generation 2

  • Output current 20 A
  • Efficiency up to 95.6%
  • Only 48 mm wide
  • 20 % output power reserves

Product description

The Dimension CP-Series are cost optimized power supplies without compromising quality, reliability and performance. The most outstanding features of the CP20 series are the high efficiency, electronic inrush current limitation, active PFC, wide operational temperature range and the extraordinary small size.

The CP20.241-C1 is equipped with conformal coated pc-boards preferred for applications in harsh areas.

The CP20.241-S1 is equipped with quick-connect spring-clamp terminals preferred for applications which are exposed to mechanical vibration. The CP20.241-S2 has push-in terminals optimized for easy cabinet wiring.

The CP20.241-V1 is equipped with a remote ON/OFF feature and the CP20.242 features an enhanced  DC input voltage range.

The devices have a power reserve of 20% included, which may even be used continuously up to +45°C.

High immunity to transients and power surges as well as low electromagnetic emission, a DC-OK relay contact and a large international approval package makes this unit suitable for nearly every situation.


  • AC 100-240V Wide-range Input
  • Width only 48mm
  • Efficiency up to 95.6%
  • Excellent Partial Load Efficiency
  • 20% Output Power Reserves
  • Easy Fuse Breaking – 3 times nominal current for 12ms
  • Safe HiccupPLUS Overload Mode
  • Active Power Factor Correction (PFC)
  • Minimal Inrush Current Surge
  • Full Power Between -25°C and +60°C
  • DC-OK Relay Contact
  • Current Sharing Feature for Parallel Use
  • 3 Year Warranty
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Articles Output voltage Input voltage AC Input voltage DC Clamp type Effect Output Current
24 V DC 100-240 V 110-150 V Screw 480 W 20 A
24 V DC 100-240 V 110-150 V Spring-clamp 480 W 20 A
24 V DC 100-240 V 110-150 V Push in 480 W 20 A
24 V DC 100-240 V 110-150 V Screw 480 W 20 A
24 V DC 100-240 V 110-150 V Screw 480 W 20 A
24 V DC 100-240 V 110-300 V Screw 480 W 20 A



PSU 100-240V ac I/P 24V dc 20A 480W O/P



Input voltage range Wide-range
Number of phases 1
Input voltage AC 100-240 V
Input voltage ac min 85 V AC
Input voltage ac max 264 V AC
Input voltage DC 110-150 V
Input voltage dc min 88 V DC
Input voltage dc max 180 V DC
Inrush current at 120 V ac typical 10 A
Input current at 230 V ac typical 4,5 A
Power Factor at 120 V AC, full load. Typical 0,99
Power Factor at 230 V AC, full load. Typical 0,98
Supply Frequency 50-60 ±6 %
Power Consumption At 120 V AC 4,26 A
Power Consumption At 230 V AC 2,23 A
Type Power Supply AC-DC
Output voltage 24 V DC
Output voltage min 24 V DC
Output voltage max 28 V DC
Output Current 20 A
Effect 480 W
Power Reduction Of 60 To 70 ° C 12 W/°C
Ripple. max 50 mV pp
Temperature Range Without Derating From -25 °C
Temperature Range Without Derating To 60 °C
Efficiency At 120 V AC, full load. Typical 94,2 %
Efficiency At 230 V AC. Typical 95 %
Efficiency At 230 V AC, full load. Typical 95,6 %
Lifetime at 120 V ac, full load and +40 ° C 60000 h
Lifetime at 230 V ac, full load and +40 ° C 94000 h
MTBF (IEC 61709) 230 V AC, Maximum Load, 40 ° C 590000 h
Width 48 mm
Height 124 mm
Depth 127 mm
Weight 0,83 kg
Clamp type Screw
Series Dimension C
Approvals ATEX, CB, CE, CSA US, cULus, EAC, IECEx
DC relay output Yes
Material Protection Aluminium
Hold-up time at 120 V AC, full load. Typical. 32 ms
Hold-up time at 230 V AC, full load. Typical. 32 ms
IP Class IP20
Active Transient Yes
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