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Power supply 1-phase, 24 V dc Miniline 2 Series

  • Output current of 0.6 A, 1.3 A and 2.5 A
  • Up to 89.7% efficiency
  • Width of 22.5 mm
  • AC and DC input voltage

Product description

Pulse Mini Line 2 is the latest developed the Mini Line series consisting of the small power supply with very compact dimensions and low weight. The units have high efficiency, low EMC interference and good protection against mains transients, making them useful in almost all electrical environments.

Very low quiescent current and high efficiency even at loads down to 60% makes the aggregates at a good energy and environmental choices.




Output characteristics

ML15.241. (0.6 A)

ML30.241. (1.3A)

ML60.241. (2.5 A)



Number of variants matching filter 3/3 |


Articles Output voltage Input voltage AC Input voltage DC Clamp type Effect Output Current
24 V DC 100-240 V 110-300 V Screw on 15 W 0,63 A
24 V DC 100-240 V 110-300 V Screw on 30 W 1,3 A
24 V DC 100-240 V 110-300 V Screw on 60 W 2,5 A




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Input voltage range Wide-range
Number of phases 1
Input voltage AC 100-240 V
Input voltage ac min 85 V AC
Input voltage ac max 264 V AC
Input voltage DC 110-300 V
Input voltage dc min 88 V DC
Input voltage dc max 375 V DC
Inrush current at 120 V ac typical 13 A
Inrush current at 230 V ac typical 26 A
Power Factor at 120 V AC, full load. Typical 0,51
Power Factor at 230 V AC, full load. Typical 0,44
Supply Frequency 50-60 ±6 %
Power Consumption At 120 V AC 0,28 A
Power Consumption At 230 V AC 0,17 A
Type Power Supply AC-DC
Output voltage 24 V DC
Output voltage min 24 V DC
Output voltage max 28 V DC
Output Current 0,63 A
Effect 15 W
Power Reduction Of 60 To 70 ° C 0,4 W/°C
Ripple. max 50 mV pp
Temperature Range Without Derating From -10 °C
Temperature Range Without Derating To 60 °C
Efficiency At 120 V AC, full load. Typical 86,1 %
Efficiency At 230 V AC, full load. Typical 85,1 %
Lifetime at 120 V ac, full load and +40 ° C 200000 h
Lifetime at 230 V ac, full load and +40 ° C 196000 h
MTBF (IEC 61709) 230 V AC, Maximum Load, 40 ° C 4369000 h
Width 22,5 mm
Height 75 mm
Depth 91 mm
Weight 0,13 kg
Clamp type Screw on
Series Miniline
Approvals ABS, CB, CE, CSA, EAC, GL, NEC Class 2, UL
Material Protection ABS plastic
Hold-up time at 120 V AC, full load. Typical. 47 ms
Hold-up time at 230 V AC, full load. Typical. 196 ms
IP Class IP20
Active Transient Yes
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