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Power supply 3-phase, 48 V dc Dimension C Series

  • Output current of 5 A
  • Up to 92.8% efficiency
  • Integrated primary fuses
  • High reliability

Product description

Puls Dimension C is a series of very high quality, reliability and performance.
CT10 has built primary fuses that make it possible to connect the unit without the need for intermediate fuses up to 32 A (UL) which saves space and money.
The efficiency is high over a wide load range, which results in reduced power consumption and longer life regardless of load current. An average efficiency of 50% to 100% load is 92% with a peak value of 92.8%.
The short circuit current is 3 x rated current for 20 ms, which helps secondary fuses. Power boost of 20% enables higher current extraction without voltage drops. This is especially useful during start-ups and to bridge the current peaks in the application. Power can be used continually up to +45°C and short periods from +45°C to +60°C.
Active transient ensure operation also in very interference rich electrical environment in addition, CT10 active inrush current protection, which means a very low starting current, even if the unit has been in operation for a longer time. Especially useful for redundant/parallel-connected systems.
Power supply connected with 3 stages but can operate on only two phases, taking into account the loading and ambient temperature.


We recommend free space of 40 mm above and 20 mm below the unit, and 5 mm on the sides.



Power reserve





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Input voltage range Wide-range
Number of phases 3
Input voltage AC 380-480 V
Input voltage ac min 323 V AC
Input voltage ac max 576 V AC
Input voltage dc min 450 V DC
Input voltage dc max 780 V DC
Inrush current at 400 V ac typical 4 A
Power Factor at 400 V AC, full load. Typical 0,53
Supply Frequency 50-60 ±6 %
Power consumption at 400 V ac 0,7 A
Type Power Supply AC-DC
Output voltage 48 V DC
Output voltage min 48 V DC
Output voltage max 56 V DC
Output Current 5 A
Effect 240 W
Power Reduction Of 60 To 70 ° C 6 W/°C
Ripple. max 50 mV pp
Temperature Range Without Derating From -25 °C
Temperature Range Without Derating To 60 °C
Efficiency At 400 V AC. Typical 92 %
Efficiency At 400 V AC, full load. Typical 92,8 %
Lifetime at 400 V ac, full load and +40 ° C 122000 h
MTBF (IEC 61709) 400 V ac, max loan, +40 °C 1051000 h
Width 62 mm
Height 124 mm
Depth 117 mm
Weight 0,75 kg
Clamp type Screw
Series Dimension C
Approvals ABS, CB, CE, CSA US, cRUus, cULus, EAC, GL
Material Protection Aluminium
Hold-up time at 400 V AC, full load. Typical. 34 ms
IP Class IP20
Active Transient Yes
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