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24 V dc UPS integrated battery 5 Ah

  • Load current 10 A
  • Only one 12 V battery
  • Integrated high power battery of 5 Ah
  • Relay outputs for status

Product description

A DC-UPS system comprises a control unit with integrated 5 A high power battery, and a power supply with suitable power for the application. The battery is easy to replace by undoing the screw at the front. In case of a power failure, the battery is automatically connected and feeds the connected loads. The UPS requires only one (1) 12 V battery which then transforms up the battery voltage to 22.3 V dc, one does not need to match 2 batteries with each other and the output voltage does not follow the battery's discharge curve but is constant at 22.3 V. The battery capacity is utilised 100% compared with two series-connected batteries where one of the batteries will not be fully charged.

Two relay outputs indicate status; module ready (battery capacity >85%) and module active (buffer mode). The control unit tests the battery's condition in cycles, when it is time to replace the battery, a relay output is activated (replace battery). One sensor measures the temperature and optimises the final charging voltage. The buffer time can be set in different time ranges to save battery capacity, when a constant discharge is selected, the output voltage will be active until the battery reaches deep discharge and the control unit disconnects the battery.

A fault on the battery fuse drops the Ready output and a red LED lights on the control unit. The output has a current limit and shuts itself off after about 5 seconds after a short-circuit to save the battery and at the same time avoid tripping the battery fuse. With a short-circuit in buffer mode, the module will deliver approx. 20 A which helps to trip any secondary fuse. Monitoring of the battery fuse and current limitation with short-circuits gives an increased safety and a guarantee that the UPS will function after a short circuit. The input is galvanically isolated from the output side.


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Input Voltage From The Unit 24 V DC
Input Voltage From battery 12 V DC
Input voltage for battery connection 22,8 V DC
Input Current During Charging Of Aggregates 1,3 A
Type Power Supply DC-UPS
Output current at 24 V dc 10 A
Output Voltage at Battery 22,25
Output Voltage Normal Operation 24 V DC
Output Voltage At Buffering 22,25 V DC
Output current for battery operation max 10 A (15 A @ 5 s)
Output Current During Normal Operation Via The Unit Max 15 A
Ripple. max 20 mV pp
Temperature Range Without Derating From 0 °C
Temperature Range Without Derating To 40 °C
Efficiency 97,8 %
Life span 137 400 h @ 10 A, 40 °C
MTBF (IEC 61709) 886 000 h @ 10 A, 40 °C
Width 123 mm
Height 124 mm
Depth 119 mm
Weight 2,85 kg
Approvals ABS, CB, CE, CSA, CSA US, EAC, EX, GL, IECEx, UL
Material Protection Aluminium
IP Class IP20
Charging The Battery Type 1,5 A
Permitted Battery Sizes 5 Ah
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