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Power supply 1-phase, 24 V dc Piano Series

  • Output current of 5 A
  • Up to 90.5% efficiency
  • Only 39 mm wide
  • Very affordable
  • DC OK relay output

Product description

Pulse Piano Series is very compact unit that meets the essential industrial demands of today's applications. With the excellent relationship between price and performance gives Piano Series new opportunities without compromising on quality or reliability.

Life expectancy is remarkably high compared to similar products on the market. The long lifetime is achieved through the efficient and sophisticated thermal design, but also through the sole use of detailed quality components. The unit has a MTBF values ​​over 1.7 million hours and a service life of 47,000 hours at 40 ° C.

The powerful house of molded polycarbonate with a clever circuit design and low weight gives great advantages in shock- and vibration-rich environments. In addition, the units very little space in the cabinet and gives a stylish impression.

PIC120.241C the DC-OK relay outputs for status indication of 24 V DC.

Many industrial applications require no more clamping alternative, the reduction of the input voltage is only 230 V AC circuits simplifies and gives significant cost advantages.

A global version of the 115/230 V AC is available, PIC120.241D, for applications where multi voltage required.

Technical Data


Supply voltage AC

180-264 V AC

Supply voltage DC

Not available

Power consumption at 230 V AC

1.12 A

Supply frequency

47-63 Hz

Holding time at 230 V AC

33 ms

Protection from mains transients VDE0160



Output voltage, adjustable

24-28 V DC

Load regulation 0 A to max load

150 mV

Voltage regulation

10 mV


Max. 100 mVpp

Output current, nominal

5 A (120 W)

Max short circuit

See diagram below

Other data 

Efficiency at 230 V AC/max. load

90.5 %

Power loss 230 V AC/max. load

12.6 W

Power loss at 0 A No load current

0.6 W

Cable connections

Screw connection

Cable size stranded

0.5-4 mm2

Working temperature without power reduction

-10 to +55 °C

Power reduction over +55 to +70 °C

3 W/°C

IP Class


MTBF (IEC 61709) 230 V AC, Max. load, +40 °C

1 720 000 h

Shock and vibration

30 g 6 ms / 20 g 11 ms


UL60950-1, UL508 Listed


EN61000-6-1, EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-3, EN61000-6-4 Class B

Compliant standards

EN60950-1, EN60204-1, EN50178, IEC62103, IEC60364-4-41



Power reduction at high temperatures

Output characteristics










For good cooling recommended free space of 40 mm above and 20 mm below the unit. Pages 5 mm when the unit is charged continuously with more than 50% of the rated current. Increase the distance to 15 mm on nearby products emit heat.


A = Primary side. 230 V AC

B = Secondary side. 24-28 V DC

C = Potentiometer for voltage output

D = DC-OK Led. Lights green when the output voltage is over 18 V DC

E = OD-OK output relay (PIC120.241C)




Part Numbers

Order number

Input voltage

Output data


180-264 V AC

24-28 V DC / 5 A


180-264 V AC

24-28 V DC / 5 A. DC-OK output relay


100-120/200-240 V AC

24-28 V DC / 5 A. DC-OK output relay



Number of variants matching filter 3/3 |


Articles Output voltage Input voltage AC Clamp type Effect Output Current
24 V DC 200-240 V Screw 120 W 5 A
24 V DC 200-240 V Screw 120 W 5 A
24 V DC 100-120, 200-240 V Screw 120 W 5 A



Powersupply 230VAC 24VDC/5A DC OK



Number of phases 1
Input voltage AC 200-240 V
Input voltage ac min 180 V AC
Input voltage ac max 264 V AC
Inrush current at 230 V ac typical 28 A
Power Factor at 230 V AC, full load. Typical 0,54
Supply Frequency 50-60 ±6 %
Power Consumption At 230 V AC 1,06 A
Type Power Supply AC-DC
Output voltage 24 V DC
Output voltage min 24 V DC
Output voltage max 28 V DC
Output Current 5 A
Effect 120 W
Power Reduction Of 60 To 70 ° C 3 W/°C
Ripple. max 100 mV pp
Temperature Range Without Derating From -10 °C
Temperature Range Without Derating To 55 °C
Efficiency At 230 V AC. Typical 89,5 %
Efficiency At 230 V AC, full load. Typical 90,5 %
Lifetime at 230 V ac, full load and +40 ° C 47000 h
MTBF (IEC 61709) 230 V AC, Maximum Load, 40 ° C 1720000 h
Width 39 mm
Height 124 mm
Depth 124 mm
Weight 0,35 kg
Clamp type Screw
Series Piano
Approvals CB, CE, cRUus, cULus, EAC, GL
DC relay output Yes
Material Protection Polycarbonate
Hold-up time at 230 V AC, full load. Typical. 33 ms
IP Class IP20
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