PR ONE cam switches


  • Excellent value for money
  • Includes switch and knob
  • Screw mount

Selected variant

Selected variant


Angle 45°
Area Cable Single Wire Max 6 mm²
Cable Area Multi-Conductor Max 6 mm²
Conventional free air thermal current Ith 40 A
Function Stable
Mounting Screw on
Number Of Contacts 1
Number of poles 1
Number of positions 2
Plate 48x48 mm
Protection rating front of panel IP40
Protection rating rear of panel IP20
Rated insulation voltage Ui 690 V
Rated operating current Ie (AC15/230V) 12 A
Rated operating current Ie (AC21A/22A) 32 A
Rated operating power (AC23A/3x230V) 11 kW
Rated operating power (AC23A/3x400V) 11 kW
Rated operating power (AC3/3x230V) 5,5 kW
Rated operating power (AC3/3x400V) 11 kW
Standards CE, CSA, IEC 60947-3 , IEC 60947-1, UL, UL 508
Temperature range from -20 °C
Temperature range to 70 °C
Type/Model ON-OFF switch



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Articles Number Of Contacts Number of poles Number of positions Type/Model
1 1 2 ON-OFF switch
3 3 2 ON-OFF switch
2 1 3 Change-over switch
4 2 3 Change-over switch
6 3 3 Change-over switch
2 1 3 Selector switch
2 2 3 Selector switch
2 3 3 Selector switch

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