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Microcompact analog/analog splitter, 1 input / 2 outputs

  • 6,2mm wide
  • Input and output selectable
  • 4-way isolation, 2,5kV
  • Automatic calibration
  • 25V DC supply voltage

Product description

Microcompact splitter features common standard signals and a DIP switch for selecting the input and output signal. The converter is self-calibrating which ensures easy installation. The converter features 4-way galvanic isolation, each terminal can be connected by jumper comb. Extremely compact design, width of 6,2mm only. Can be installed in any position.


The splitter has 2 outputs for either current or voltage signal: for example the input is 4-20 mA, output #1 could be 4-20 mA and output 2# 0-10V. Splitter can also be programmed in order to achieve the optimal resolution.





Signal conv.1-in/2-out,splitter 24VAC/DC

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Approvals CE, DNV, GL, RoHS
Cross Section Max 1,5 mm²
Cross section min 0,14 mm²
Input impedance current mA 0,1 Ω
Input impedance voltage 500 kΩ
Insulation voltage in/out 2500 V
Load impedance power 400 Ω @ 0–20 mA, 4–20 mA
Load impedance voltage >2 kΩ @ 0–10 V
Power consumption 13 mA
Power Supply DC max 30 V
Power Supply DC min 16,8 V
Power Supply V DC 24 V DC
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