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YVT 3D laser scanner

  • Detection distance 35m
  • Scanning angle 210° horizontally, 40° vertically
  • Ethernet interface
  • Size 70x106x95mm
  • IP67 rated

Product description

3D Scanning Range Finder. The distance is measured by steering the laser beam vertically and horizontally. In 1 frame, a point cloud with 2590 points is generated. It is possible to increase the point cloud density using the interlacing mode. This scanner is equipped with an acceleration sensor and a PPS input signal.


  •  This scanner uses pulsed laser beam with TOF principle to measure distance.
  • A laser beam is emitted in a wide 3D field providing access to hight, width and depth information of objects. This information is not available with traditional 2D scanners.
Articles Supply voltage dc min Supply voltage dc max Power consumption Sensing distance max Scanning angle Resolution Accuracy Laser class Output Input Communication Width Length Height Temperature operational min Temperature operational max IP class Weight Connection
10 V DC 30 V DC 0,8 A 35 m 210 ° 2590-518000 pistettä 15m: ±50mm Class 1 Synchronization output PPS Input Ethernet (TCP/IP) 100Base-TX 70 mm 106 mm 95 mm -10 °C 50 °C IP67 0,65 kg M8


3D scanner, 0,3-35m, Ethernet




Supply voltage dc min 10 V DC
Supply voltage dc max 30 V DC
Power consumption 0,8 A


Sensing distance max 35 m
Scanning angle 210 °
Resolution 2590-518000 pistettä
Accuracy 15m: ±50mm
Laser class Class 1

Input and Output

Output Synchronization output
Input PPS Input
Communication Ethernet (TCP/IP) 100Base-TX


Width 70 mm
Length 106 mm
Height 95 mm
Temperature operational min -10 °C
Temperature operational max 50 °C
IP class IP67
Weight 0,65 kg
Connection M8


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