Cameras PAL/NTSC

Orlaco vehicle cameras are designed to increase your working efficiency while minimizing possible risk factors. You will find suitable products from our wide selection for any vehicle - from forklifts to trucks, heavy construction machines, cranes of all types and maritime vessels.

Compact cameras guarantee optimal visibility around the vehicle even in blind spots. They are also applicable in various fixed installations, such as winches, gate systems and so on.

Added safety and accuracy with forklift and crane cameras

Forklift cameras are specifically designed for mounting to the inside of the fork of a reach truck or other forklift truck. These cameras have an extremely robust, shock and vibration proof stainless steel case made for harsh conditions.

AF-Zoom cameras are extremely useful for example in cranes as they provide high image quality with powerfull zooming capabilities. By utilizing these cameras the crane operator can execute "blind lifts" which would otherwise not be possible.
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