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DC-DC converter 48/24 V dc & 12/24 V dc

48/24 V DC, 5 A & 12/24V DC, 4A

  • Only 32 mm wide
  • Isolated output voltage
  • Wide input voltage range
  • 20% Power Reserve

Product description

Puls Dimension DC-DC converters have a high efficiency, very compact and mounted on a DIN rail.
The input voltage can for example. come from power supplies, batteries, solar panels, etc.. The output is galvanically isolated from the input. Typical applications are mounting at the end of a long cable to stabilize the voltage, convert one voltage to another or to isolate specific loads. Can also be used in conjunction with batteries to get a constant output voltage even though the battery voltage drops.
DC-DC converters are equipped with a soft start function which means that the stream gradually rises to the nominal value. This is avoided with high starting currents that can cause a voltage drop on the primary side and give boot problems.
A power reserve of 20% gives additional power resources at the temporary power peaks.



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Articles Output voltage Input voltage DC Clamp type Effect Output Current
24 V DC 48 V Screw on 120 W 5 A
24 V DC 12 V Screw on 96 W 4 A



DC-DC converter 48/24 VDC. 5A

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Input voltage DC 48 V
Input voltage dc min 36 V DC
Input voltage dc max 60 V DC
Input Capacitance 800 µF
Inrush current Typ. 0,6 A @ 48 V DC
Max entrance tripple 5 V pp
Type Power Supply DC-DC
Start-Up Delay 670 ms
Output voltage 24 V DC
Output voltage min 24 V DC
Output voltage max 28 V DC
Output Current 5 A
Effect 120 W
Power Reduction Of 60 To 70 ° C 3 W/°C
Ripple. max 50 mV pp
Temperature Range Without Derating From -25 °C
Temperature Range Without Derating To 60 °C
Efficiency 90,3 %
Life span 64000 h @ 24 V DC, 5 A, 40 °C
MTBF (IEC 61709) 951000 h @ 24 V DC, 5 A, 40 °C
Width 32 mm
Height 124 mm
Depth 102 mm
Weight 0,425 kg
Clamp type Screw on
Series Dimension C
Approvals ABS, ATEX, CB, CE, CSA, EAC, GL, IECEx, UL
Material Protection Aluminium
Keep time Typ. 5,6 ms @ 48 V DC
IP Class IP20
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