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1 Phase Over/Under Current Relay MIC

  • Measurement range 2-20 A ac
  • Integrated current transformer
  • Over/under-current function
  • Measures true RMS

Product description

For control of over-current in ac networks via internal current transformer. The unit requires supply voltage. The current conductor is run through the hole in the relay (current transformer) for measurement of the ac current. The current transformer hole is 10 mm. The MIC relay controls over-currents. The relay activates (closes) when the current exceeds the limit value that is shown on the front and drops out (opens) when the current drops below the limit value, minus the hysteresis value (static 15 % of the displayed limit value). When Y1 is connected to A1 (+), the relay function is inverted. The relay drops out when the current exceeds the limit value shown on the front and activates when the current drops below the hysteresis value (over-current). The relay can also be used for under-current function. Contact OEM Automatic's Panel Components product area about this function.



Control relay


spinner symbol


Time Delay Start 0,5 s
Lower Limit 2A
Approvals CE, CSA, GL, RoHS, UL
Breaking capacity 5A, 250V AC/DC
Overload Continuous Max 100 A
Temperature range to 50 °C
Temperature range bearing, to 70 °C
Temperature range from -20 °C
Recovery Time Min 0,2 ms
Temperature range bearing, from -40 °C
Weight 110 g
Supply voltage 24-240V AC/DC
Output Relay 1 pole C/O
Current Transformer Diameter 10 mm
Upper Limit 20A

Measurements and connections

Technical illustrations

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